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Clients always have been and always will be at the core of everything Bidpath do. From customer support and services to product development – our focus is always on you! For years, the cataloging process has been a pain point for auctioneers across all industries. Online auction platforms became more commonly used and yet there wasn’t a good enough tool to support auctioneers with the process of getting these lots online!

With other providers attempting to create these tools but continuously missing the mark, it became clear that if there was ever going to be a product that would really solve the problem, we were going to have to build it ourselves…. so we did!

AIM, short for Auction Item Manager, is the latest and greatest Bidpath product which will streamline your workflow and save hours preparing your auction so that you can get your catalogue online sooner. Available on Desktop, IOS and Android, this is one of the most flexible and intuitive pieces of software on the market.


AIM can save you hours, if not days of cataloging time. By streamlining your processes internally you can then make better use of your time elsewhere.

We still hear of clients spending huge amounts of time re-numbering and re-sizing images to upload for their online auction catalogues. By using AIM you never have to re-number an image again… imagine how much time this would save you and your team!

Either use the direct API to SAM which pushes all images over to your lots or make use of the zip download function which downloads a file of all photos numbered and ready to go.


Looking back on 2020 and 2021, the pandemic undoubtedly pushed more and more people to bid online. With viewings becoming limited and by appointment only we saw more buyers purchase lots without seeing the item in person.

The more photos you take of an item, the more information the bidder can glean from you about the lot before placing their bid. Five years ago it was not uncommon to see one photo per lot in an online catalogue. Now we see our clients uploading upwards of 10 photos per lot in some cases and within the industrial sector more like 30 per lot.

The AIM app allows you to take more photos in less time. By using the ‘burst’ mode on the app you can snap away at all angles of the lot, delete photos on the fly and bulk upload on the go.

Cheffins, an early adopter of AIM have now used the app for 6 months. Every single lot they sell across their machinery sales and vintage department are processed via AIM. Since January 2021 they have taken tens of thousands of images on the AIM app. Imagine how long it would take to capture this volume of photos, renumber and upload them manually….!


To enhance your images further, you can now automatically watermark all photos taken via AIM.

When the AIM team built the watermarking functionality it was very much client driven. Clients no longer just wanted a piece of text as a watermark, they wanted the option of having a full color high-resolution logo added to the photos.

By simply uploading your company logo to AIM, all items will automatically be sent with the watermark applied. If you are using AIM as a stand-alone product, any exported images via zip folder will also show with the watermark.

Clients that previously used other cataloging facilities did not have this option and have loved being able to add this to their items online.


Online users are becoming increasingly impatient when it comes to buying goods online, they want information to be readily available. By splitting out aspects of the lot description information into separate fields, the online experience can be hugely improved. Whether this is Registration number and MOT for a vehicle or Breed and Sire for cattle, the options are literally endless!

When AIM was built, this was kept at the forefront of the development. By using AIM in conjunction with SAM you can now streamline the cataloguing process and enter text directly into these segregated fields via the AIM app, then at a click of a button, send this information straight over to SAM and display on the front end of your bidding pages.

British Medical Auctions was the first UK client to use the AIM cataloging app and have helped massively with the development of the product. Recently they have been making huge progress with cataloguing their items with more custom fields and have had great feedback from their online bidders.


“With the recent introduction of Aim to our cataloguing process it has saved us , quite literally, hundreds of hours, with no need to resize, rename and watermark images and taking images direct to the catalogue. This has reduced our catalogue production time to hours instead of days! Easy to use, this has been a long time coming and well worth the wait!” Paul West, Associate, Cheffins


Now with more than 80 companies using the AIM app across all industries and sectors, the Bidpath team have been blown away by the response and feedback to the product. From inventory management to auction upload, the AIM app is designed to be flexible and work in the way you need it to. We continue to develop the product based on client feedback and internal ideas.

If you already use AIM and would be happy to provide feedback please get in touch! If you have not had chance to see this product then please contact our sales team at [email protected] to hear more!

We hope you love it as much as we do.


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