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CUS Business Systems – Auction Management Technology

Founded in 1983 as a custom programming and consulting firm, CUS business systems emerged as a market leading auction management software provider in 1984 when we were approached by a major industrial auction company to design a customized end-to-end system. We now host over 1000 installations for clients throughout the US..

Like all Bidpath products, CUS systems are fully scalable and our technology can be utilized on multiple networks or stand-alone systems as needed, with integrations to allow for straightforward data transfer.

We focus on delivering complete solutions for the auction profession and provide systems that fully integrate auction selling with inventory and mailing management and online auctions. Our technology is sold as a modular based system, giving auctioneers the flexibility to choose packages to match their requirements.

Auction & Mail System
Our CUS Auction & Mail System is sold as one integrated package for either single user or multi-user systems and is the core product utilized by auctioneers to manage their basic back office auction process. From bidder and vendor account management to post sale accounting and fulfillment, the Auction & Mail system provides auctioneers with a simple and comprehensive tool.

Inventory Module
Most of our clients add our Inventory module for the complete suite of products for end-to-end auction management. The Inventory System keeps track of every item that passes through your auction business, whether it is sold or unsold. You can maintain on-hand inventory items without assigning them to any particular auction, and track all of your items by consignor, category, manufacturer, VIN/Serial etc. Inventory also allows you to maintain your own historical data of everything you’ve ever sold and use it for appraisals.

Online Auction and InterLink Features
The InterLink and Online Auction features are included with the current program release each year. Online Auctions allows you to host a fully integrated auction catalogue on your website with your branding. With the CUS InterLink feature, you can instantly email a buyer invoice, consignor statement or any other report generated by CUS. The document is created as a PDF file, easy to view or print.

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