Go Auction - Auction Software

Bidpath are delighted to announce the acquisition of Go Auction, a provider of innovative tools that support auctioneers’ expansion into online auctions through the use of an auction-specific content management system and accounting / back office technology.


Go Auction offers flexible administrative tools that allow auctioneers to scale rapidly and profitably in the exploding online auction markets,” said Adam Alexander, CEO of Bidpath. “In today’s rapidly evolving auction industry, auctioneers must execute pre-auction and post-auction activities efficiently and accurately. These functions are critical to an auction company’s success and competitiveness, and Go Auction is a trusted technology partner in these important operational areas.”

“Go Auction, based in the UK and founded in 2017 by Nikki Robinson, develops and provides advanced, cloud-based solutions to support administrative activities of auction providers, including website content management, online marketing activities, and back-office support while also leveraging data to enhance customer revenues. Go Auction’s products are designed to prioritize flexibility and have the capability to integrate with virtually any bidding technology platform – including Bidpath and The Saleroom, among others. Go Auction’s tools can also be used on a stand-alone basis.


“This is a highly complementary business combination,” stated David Brindley, President of Bidpath. “Bidpath will enhance Go Auction’s customer success and support resources and its product development capabilities, while Go Auction will round out Bidpath’s pre-auction and post-auction product offerings and expand its presence in the attractive art, antiques and collectables auction market. More importantly, the customers of both companies will benefit from this acquisition.”


“Go Auction has represented a valuable choice to auction companies using a variety of online bidding platforms,” stated Adam Alexander. “We intend to maintain Go Auction’s ability to integrate with any bidding technology platform and maintain its platform-agnostic approach to providing best-in-class administrative solutions.”