Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We want Bidpath to be a welcoming place for our staff and as diverse as the communities in which we live and work. We will take action to improve our representation, and to make sure we have an environment where our people feel safe, that they belong, and that their experiences are valued.
Goals :

  1. Create an inclusive culture and environment. Our culture and environment will support all of our people to feel welcome, that they belong and their experiences are valued.
  2. Improve our diversity. Our staff will be more representative of the communities we live and work in.
  3. Collaborate to improve the diversity of the industry. We will collaborate with others in the industry to make the auction industry more representative of the communities in which we live and work.
Goal 1: Create an inclusive culture and environment

  • We will support our staff to feel confident in discussing EDI and taking action to support EDI. We will openly talk about EDI and we have introduced a staff program to inform on EDI and ensure it gets more attention
  • Ensure our staff policies are inclusive and maximise opportunities for diversity. This includes hiring practices and how we define roles.
  • We’ll embed a zero-tolerance approach to discriminatory behaviour and enable concerns to be raised with senior leaders.
  • We will improve the experience of our minority staff. We will work with them to identify ways that working at Bidpath can be improved.
Goal 2: Improve our diversity

  • We will measure the success of our EDI programme, with transparent reporting on progress. We conducted our anonymous benchmark survey in 2023 and this will be repeated annually.
  • We will take targeted action to improve our diversity. We’ll make sure our recruitment process for staff is inclusive, and that everyone who wants to join us has access to equal opportunities. 
Goal 3 : Improve the diversity of the industry

  • We are only one of many companies within the industry but we feel we can help create a more diverse industry by modelling EDI and ensuring it is an issue that is talked about and acted on more widely and with more urgency.
  • We have identified a senior leader to drive our EDI program.
We will measure our EDI performance annually via a staff survey which will be anonymous and report the findings in our annual ESG report. 2023 represented our baseline for measuring progress.