Bidpath Releases its 2022 Sustainability Report

We pledge to be as transparent as possible on this journey as we move along it. This includes regular and annual reports, and consistent communication of our intentions and efforts as time goes on.

We are always open to suggestions of what you would like to hear from us in future reports, any feedback or ideas are always welcome to [email protected]

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As a leading digital auction software provider, it is our mission is to support the growth of the auction industry and a circular future by empowering clients with solutions to help grow their businesses at the expense of a traditional linear economy. We will continue to innovate and develop best in class white label auction software for any and all types of auctioneer as we strive towards a net zero target for 2030.

Be it heavy machinery or fine art, we aim to make the auction management process that much simpler, future-facing and accessible, so auctioneers can do more of what they love doing, on a platform that works best for them and their environmental footprint.

Our business Is focused on advancing a circular economy- that is the nature of our industry and is something everyone in the auction world can be proud of. That being said, 18 months ago we decided we needed to do more. Everyday we see the incredible challenges associated with the climate emergency taking form and the impacts it will have moving forward. We believe that businesses need to put the future of the planet at the center of what they do- for their own good, the good of their employees and the broader communities in which they operate.

We have made enormous steps of progress already, and are only just getting started. We realise we still have much farther to go, and are committed to this journey to continue to put environmental and societal considerations at the heart of our business processes and decision making. Our aim is to become B-corp certified and we are working towards achieving this as soon as possible. We would like to thank our team for all their amazing work in the past and in the future as we move forward.

Adam Alexander

Founder & CEO, Bidpath

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