The 2020 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains in a way no one could have foreseen, and whilst all industries have been forced to react the farming industry has needed to adapt to a ‘new normal’ far more quickly than some others.


In 2019 Bidpath client ANM Group saw an opportunity to bring live online bidding to the wider farming community and made an introduction for Bidpath to the team at Hectare Agritech Limited, a fast-growing start-up focused on transforming the way farmers buy, sell and pay for their produce by building marketplaces, services and products for farming supply chains. Early discussions around a partnership were escalated in March when the UK government announced restrictions on public auctions that meant buyers could not attend an auction in person.


Hectare’s SellMyLivestock platform allows users to buy and sell breeding animals, such as cattle and sheep, online and provides the perfect platform to launch online bidding 

capabilities for livestock auctioneers. With an existing buyer base of more than 66,000 registered farms in the UK the marketplace attracts 30,000 searches a week on average, giving auction marts access to the largest database of livestock buyers anywhere in the UK.

Andrew Loftus, Strategic Partnership director for SellMyLivestock: “Hectare Agritech aims to put technology and intelligent data use at the heart of livestock transactions.  As a company focused on bringing new and innovative technology solutions to the farming industry, Bidpath was a natural fit for us. By using data and technology, farmers are able to save time and money  travelling long distances, as well as improving the industry’s carbon footprint. Crucially, they’re also better able to make use of the latest breeding and animal performance tools to inform their purchasing decisions, including health data. Bidpath technology has enabled our farmers to take more of their business fully online, and online auctions with Bidpath help them to attract new buyers”


Bidpath provides competitive online bidding solutions for more than 650 Commercial, Industrial and Fine Art auctioneers in 27 countries. Low latency, sub-second delay audio and video means buyers can bid in real time whilst watching the auction in High Definition. No matter how many bidders are logged on, wherever in the world they are, Bidpath’s technology delivers the auction to them, as if they were in the there.

Bidpath’s secure auction management technology features all the tools an auctioneer needs to easily create, upload and manage online auctions. Including an auction accounting system with payment gateways, multi-currency functionality, watch lists, auction alerts, unlimited photos/videos, auto refresh, and full bidder management. The technology is fully responsive to all phones, tablets and mobile devices. Each page will reformat and adjust automatically to best fit your customer’s screen allowing a fully mobile bidding experience with live audio and video from anywhere in the world. IOS and Androids APPs also available.

George Wade, Director of Strategic Relationships for Bidpath: “Throughout our 20-year history Bidpath have been committed to supporting auctioneers and the auction community around the world. We were excited to launch this new partnership with SellMyLivestock to offer a solution to auctioneers who need to engage buyers online, as well as reaching a new database of buyers. Our HD auction video stream replicates a live auction feel and empowers livestock auction marts to take all the excitement and theatre of a live auction to buyers living well outside the normal 30 to 40 mile radius of an auction mart. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for multiple video streams so buyers can see both the auctioneer and the animal being sold at the same time and facilitates a competitive bidding platform to ensure auctioneers get the best possible price for the animal. And if there are any issues, our team are on hand to support bidders and auctioneers 24/7”

VIDEO: Aberdeen & Northern Marts First Pedigree Cattle Live Auction with SellMyLivestock

For more information about using the SellMyLivestock platform please contact Andrew Loftus at a[email protected].
For more information about partnering with Bidpath in the UK or around the world please contact George Wade at [email protected].

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