Musick Auctions Takes Control of their Bidder data and brand with Bidpath solutions Bidpath

About Sxan Pro

We are always honoured to work with clients old and new who push the boundaries of our software solutions, to deliver the best experience to their customers.

SxanPro partners with healthcare facilities to help effectively track and manage their medical supply and capital asset inventories, and recover lost dollars from unused and product overstock. The company leverages technology to replace manual inventorying processes allowing these facilities to save time and resources, which can be redirected at improving patient care.

SxanPro approached Bidpath to provide the technology for “MRKT” – its hosted online marketplace, and “XCHG” – a platform to streamline inventory transfers within a network. MRKT and XCHG are the industry’s only dedicated auction and purchasing platforms for supply disposables and instrumentation and can be used alongside SxanPro’s mobile inventory apps, which enable healthcare facilities to identify supply overstock. MRKT and XCHG support the SxanPro mission to reduce landfill waste by selling unused medical supplies and instruments to distributors, hospitals and medical missions worldwide.

“By creating these solutions, SxanPro has positioned itself as a full-service provider, taking healthcare one step closer to becoming a zero-waste industry with the help of Bidpath.”

Ashlee Souffrou

Founder, Sxan Pro

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Musick Auctions Takes Control of their Bidder data and brand with Bidpath solutions Bidpath

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