As a leader in global online auction software, we are thrilled to bring you AuctionPay, a game-changing payments platform designed to empower auctioneers and organizations alike in expanding their businesses through hassle-free and cost-effective merchant services.  How do we know this is true? Because we built it to be that way.

At Bidpath, we take pride in putting the needs of our clients at the heart of our solutions, and we have an incredible team of dedicated in-house developers and 24/7 support to back it. Like every single one of our comprehensive and user-friendly solutions, our proprietary payments platform was born out of an industry need to put an end to inflated monthly transaction fees, lack of flexibility and control and consistently being misunderstood as high-risk in the eyes of other merchant service providers.


Everything we do, we do to make your life easier.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why AuctionPay?

To put it simply, we make processing payments cheaper and more efficient, so you can do more of what you do best – running your business!

We guarantee our users a seamless and secure payment process by making transactions reliable and efficient to boost bidder participation and offering reduced transaction fees to save your business money. 

How do you do that? 

We make it our mission to support you through every step of the payments process with a team that understands the auction space: from underwriting and transaction monitoring all the way to approvals – you’ll be dealing with us and nobody else.

With AuctionPay, what you see is 100% what you get.

  • Clean and easy to navigate interface
  • Intuitive platform design that offers all the information you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.
  • Simplified transaction management through AuctionPay’s user-friendly interface
  • The ability to scale your business
  • Industry-leading payments technology and real-time fraud detection


Are you just a reseller?

No! AuctionPay is not another rebrand or reseller of any payment processor. We have spent the last 5 years building this entirely in-house with our own team of developers, with the clear intention of ensuring that we answer to no one. This empowers us, along with the auctioneer, to have full control over the entire payments process, from deposit to checkout.

Are you secure? How can we trust you? 

Your peace of mind is our priority! AuctionPay employs cutting-edge encryption and fraud prevention measures to safeguard both buyers and auctioneers. We are a fully secure, PCI DSS certified platform, which means we have met an extensive set of security standards to ensure all the necessary security measures are in place to protect sensitive payment data in a secure environment.

When it comes to trust, we believe that you should have complete control of your payments and collections, because it’s your business, not ours! We are here to give you the tools to make the most of it and help you when you need it though. When you put your trust in us, we get to provide you with the most intuitive, user-friendly tools you can find with round-the-clock support, no matter where you are calling from.

You trust us, we serve you. That’s the gig 🙂

Do you only support online payments?

No! We don’t discriminate 😉 We know many of you still run both online and in-person auctions, so we made it a priority to ensure our platform can accommodate whatever you need.

Our system can accept all major credit cards and ACH payments (ACH coming in 2024), and will give you access to a whole suite of backend dashboards where you can view your merchant details, transactions, chargebacks and deposits. Our platform also offers an online virtual terminal, so this is not something you need to worry about!


Is it easy to switch over? 

Easy as 1-2-3! Regardless of the bidding platform or auction software you use, AuctionPay will plug seamlessly into your workflow to save your accounts team time, and your business money. The only difference you will notice is daily billing vs monthly, and a much happier balance sheet! 😉


How do I get in touch?

AuctionPay is now available for businesses and organizations seeking to elevate their online auction payment processes. For more information and to explore the platform’s features, please visit or speak to our team through [email protected]

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