Making the Most of Bidpath’s AIM Mobile Cataloguing App

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The single photo setting uses your phone camera and therefore allows you to use the settings on your phone to enhance the image quality. This is great for star lots, primary images and also taking photos of items in darker surroundings.

The burst function is for quick fire images, keep snapping away until you have all the images you need!



The primary image in the gallery area will be used in SAM as your hero image so make sure it’s a good one!

Some clients like to take a photo of their star lot whilst others will take a more general photo of the sale. This photo should draw the bidder into the auction!



AIM and SAM work hand in hand, the API is seamless between the two and allows for data from additional fields to be synced directly across.

Use this to your advantage… think about what information warrants its own field and would enhance the bidders browsing experience on your bidding platform. Whether this is make/model, colour or registration plate number – these fields are flexible and easy to use – just ask your account manager how to set them up!


With more and more bidders choosing to view and bid for items online, videos have become more important than ever!

All you need to do is take the video in the YouTube app and paste the link in the AIM app. This can then be sent to your bidding platform and display to your bidders as a fully integrated video on the lot page. Adding photos to lots has never been easier!



Many of our clients catalogue their items in locations with next to no signal. If you know this is going to be the case, why not use the offline mode?

In offline mode the photos will be stored on the app until you re-sync to upload the images. Simply switch back to online mode when you are back at the office and let the images upload in the background.



When the AIM team built the watermarking functionality in AIM it was very much client driven. Clients no longer just wanted a piece of text as a watermark, they wanted the option of having a full colour high-res logo added to the photos.

By adding and applying a watermark to your auction all images will be sent to SAM with the watermark already applied. You can even download a zip folder of all the images from the auction with the watermark!

AIM- The ultimate solution to streamline your inventory management process

Gone are the days of manual, handwritten lotting systems and tedious hours at your desk resizing images and sorting through catalog data after a long day onsite.

Your time, money and brain power matter, and we want to help you preserve them! Speak to our team today to learn more about how our AIM can transform your business once and for all.

“With the recent introduction of Aim to our cataloguing process it has saved us , quite literally, hundreds of hours, with no need to resize, rename and watermark images and taking images direct to the catalogue. This has reduced our catalogue production time to hours instead of days! Easy to use, this has been a long time coming and well worth the wait!”

Paul West


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